How to fight the devil

WHO IS OUR ENEMY? Many people are deceived, fighting against things, against people, against problems or against diseases, not knowing who their true enemy is. Let us see, through the Word of God, that our true enemies are “demons”, organised into castes. These “demons” are led by the Devil, also called Lucifer or Satan. Jesus said – "the Devil comes only to Steal, Kill and Destroy." John 10:10 As the devil and his angels (demons) are not seen, many people have difficulty believing in them. We also cannot see the WIND, however it exists. The wind is felt, and its MANIFESTATION is seen, for example, through the movement of the trees. Such is the MANIFESTATION of demons. They cannot be seen because they are spirits, but we can see their MANIFESTATIONS. If we are able to identify the demons when they operate against us and if we know how to fight against them, we will have victories in our lives like we never dreamt of having. This is what this book is about: To teach how to RECOGNISE demons; To teach how to FIGHT against them.

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Publisher Motes & Ideias
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Pages 90 pages
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