The Franklin Automobile Company

This book examines the history of the H.H. Franklin Company, which made significant contributions to the American automobile scene during the first third of the twentieth century. From 1902 to 1934, Franklin produced high quality, luxury cars, including America's only truly successful gasoline-powered motor car incorporating an air-cooled engine. Based on extensive research, author Sinclair Powell tells the story of the partnership of Herbert H. Franklin, skilled in business, advertising and public relations, and John Wilkinson, the engineer and designer who developed an automobile which was a pacesetter in its day. The book also describes how the Syracuse-based Franklin Company was a pioneer in research, production and employee relations. Covering the company's glory years, and its decline during the Depression, The Franklin Automobile Company, also humanizes the story via the reminiscences of surviving employees of the firm.

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Publisher SAE International
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Pages 484 pages
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